Bowling for scouts

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THERE was a handshake across the generations at Whitecraigs Bowling club recently.

Some 18 young scouts from the 171st scout group joined up with their local bowling club to earn their hobby badge by learning the sport.

The scouts, aged between 11 and 14, spent six weeks learning bowling and they loved every minute of it.

However, bowling club member Frank Kean told The Extra it was not so straightforward: “There are several rules when bringing in young people that you have to adhere to.

“We had to make sure that we had a couple of coaches who were certified to deal with children – which we had, although they had never had to deal with children before.

“We also had to install an equality policy and a child protection policy”.

Frank added that BowlsScotland helped his club out with the paperwork and that Whitecraigs is now set to bring in other young members.

He continued: “What we would like to do is initiate a parent/child membership whereby folk could bring their children along to enjoy the sport”.

The club are looking to encourage younger members for the future.

The scouts not only received their hobby badge, but the club also awarded them with certificates to show how well they did.