“Bored” teens lash out

Ormond Avenue resident Elizabeth Brady.
Ormond Avenue resident Elizabeth Brady.
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POLICE are looking for witnesses after a spate of vandalism hit East Renfrewshire.

A pair of teenagers were arrested following an incidence of vandalism near Rouken Glen Park, however police have yet to catch anybody in connection with similar situations in Netherlee and Eaglesham.

On Tuesday, in each area, a number of cars were scratched by keys, had their wing-mirror kicked off and in some cases, were broken into.

Inspector Alan Dixon told The Extra: “We are giving these areas extra attention. There always tends to be an upturn in vandalism at this time of year because the schools are off, the days are longer and the weather is good”.

A 16-year-old and a 17-year-old will attend Glasgow Sheriff Court in relation to the Rouken Glen incident.

In Eaglesham on Tuesday night, seven cars were damaged while Ormonde Avenue in Netherlee has fallen victim to a sustained period of attack throughout the week.

Local resident Elizabeth Brady — a 47-year-old housewife — found her new car had a detached wing mirror on Tuesday morning, while a neighbour had his window smashed and golf clubs removed from his car.

She said: “It is clear the teenagers are bored, so, for some reason they pass their time by causing destruction.

“The area is going downhill.

“I can’t even take my dogs for a walk at night any more for fear of abuse from the yobs drinking at the end of the street”.

Gordon McCaskill has seen his fair share of vandalism in nearby Stamperland over the years and is disappointed to find the same problem growing in Netherlee.

The councillor agrees with Mrs Brady the problem is caused by “teenagers who are bored and with nothing else to do during the summer holidays.

“Ormonde Avenue may be targeted because the surrounding lanes provide many escape routes, and it does not take long to kick a wing mirror or key a car and then disappear into Linn Park.

“That’s why, unfortunately, it’s difficult to catch these people.

“I hope anybody with any information at all can assist the police with their enquiries”.