Bonnie mascot unveiled

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CLYDE — Glasgow 2014’s official mascot — was officially launched this week.

The patriotic thistle, who will be the face of the games, was unveiled to the world at BBC Scotland’s HQ on Thursday by Olympic swimming stars Rebecca Adlington and Michael Jamieson.

Glasgow 2014 ambassador Billy Connolly narrated an animated film which premiered at the launch.

The mascot was designed by 12-year-old Beth Gilmour from Cumbernauld, who won a UK-wide competition from over 4000 entries.

The Extra took to the streets to find out what southsiders think of the new mascot.

Pensioners Elizabeth Greaves and friend Mary Wadell are both impressed.

Elizabeth, from Langside, told The Extra: “It is better than I thought it would be and certainly better than the silly mascots from the London Olympic games”.

Mary, from King’s Park, added: “It’s great that a Glaswegian child had the chance to design it — what an honour. It looks great and children will love it”.

John O’Donnell, a 39-year-old labourer from Shawlands, said: “I am not very impressed at all. The kilt and the thistle are very clichéd. I was hoping for something a bit more modern. 
“It is all a bit too obvious”.

Student Ross Brown (18), from Busby, added: “Mascots are for kids so it only really matters what they think, but I think children they will like it. It’s a great that 12-year-olds had the chance to win the right to design the mascot, it will make them feel more involved with the games”.

Amanda McGilp is a 26-year-old homecarer from Shawlands. Both she and friend Jennifer Jordan, a 20-year-old full time mum, are unhappy with the design.

Amanda thinks the mascot will “scare children: it would scare my wee boy” while Jennifer believes the organisers “should have come up with something cuter”.

Paul Sykes (43) a southside construction worker, said: “This is the first I have seen of it and I think it looks really good. 
“It is great after the success of London 2012 that the Glasgow games are now starting to feel like they are just on the horizon — the unveiling of the mascot is the beginning of the countdown!”