Blog spot putting southside on the map

A DEDICATED blog highlighting all things southside has been recognised as one of the best Scottish websites.

Southside Happenings, run by locals Ann Nisbet and Allistair Burt, was named number 16 in The List’s top 30 websites in the country.

The site calls itself “not a what’s on guide…just some interesting stories about what we’re doing, or planning to do, in the southside of Glasgow”.

Allister, from Shawlands, told The Extra: “We are really delighted to be amongst some pretty impressive other sites.

“And we are also pleased to see that other southsiders feature too with the brilliant Gerry Hassan also on the list.

“Thanks to all, we shall have to keep on posting and justify our place on the list”.

The List has put together websites that are not necessarily the biggest or best-known but ones that are “unique” and “cleverly realised and lovingly maintained”.

Its website said: “What’s been interesting is that most of these sites, from fashion blogs to online magazines, new music hubs to foodie havens, aren’t professional concerns.

“The most passionate, well-written and original content seems increasingly to come from interested amateurs, or at least people who started out that way.

“Southside Happenings is run with dedication and laudable amounts of energy and is a window on the independent shops and cafés, arts events, and non-corporate culture that still, happily, holds strong in Glasgow’s biggest district.

“The couple started the site because they were tired of missing out on events (and of defending the Southside against the sneers of their Westend-dwelling friends), and it’s grown into an excellent source of local information on everything from weekend guides to best brunches.

“Particularly unique — their occasional feature focusing on creative southsiders”.

The site documents the pair’s adventures in the southside, focussing on things to do, places to see and highlights the work of creative residents.