Blaze at Tinto primary

Tinto primary ablaze.
Tinto primary ablaze.

A FIRE at the old Tinto primary building is being treated as arson by police.

The local force are hunting for a culprit or culprits of the blaze which took place on Friday afternoon.

This fire comes less than a month after the school closed its doors for the last time on June 24.

Communities inspector Graham McInarlin said: “The incident is being treated as wilful fire-raising and enquiries are ongoing at present.

“As with all reported incidents of fire-raising this is being treated seriously and every effort is being made to identify those responsible”.

Gary Hogan (27), a Giffnock shop owner who lives in a flat near the old school, ran out when he saw smoke coming from the building.

He told The Extra: “It was a huge blaze with lots of heat, the road was closed which attracted many people to come out of their flats and shops to see what was happening.

“It seemed to take quite a while to get under control once the fire brigade were there and it looked at one point like it may spread to nearby cars or flats”.

After several calls at 3.45pm, three firemen attended the incident and began external firefighting.

It was more than five hours before the fire was fully dampened down and under control.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow city council said: “The former Tinto primary school building is in the process of being demolished to make way for new school football pitches.

“The new Tinto primary school has not been affected by the fire”.

The pupils will be encompassed within a new campus, which also includes Sir John Maxwell primary, Pollokshaws Day and Shawbridge nursery.

The old building was set to be demolished to make way for football pitches.