Beware of using Bongo UK

TRADING standards officials at East Renfrewshire council have issued a warning to high school students targeted by a text message service.

The team has received a complaint from an East Ren school about an Australian company called Bongo UK, which has been handing out wrist bands to students.

The bands encourage people to text their name and hometown to a number to find out what it knows about them.

Consumer adviser Eleanor Griffiths explained: “Bongo is not a subscription service. It costs £2.50 per message sent. Terms and conditions can be found on

“Basically you can text Bongo to ask anything such as ‘Where is the remote control?’

“It’s a money-making goldmine aimed at teenagers. Although the Bongo website states that you need to be over 16 to ask it a question, they are being handed out to everyone.

“We want to alert parents about this before they end up with huge phone bills. Bongo is an Australian company so we, therefore, have no jurisdiction over them so prevention is paramount”.

She added: “There is an unsubscribe to stop marketing text alerts on the website should anyone need to use it”.

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