Beware bogus tax websites

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Trading Standards in East Renfrewshire is warning residents to be vigilant when filling in their tax returns this year, after a high number of complaints in 2014 when residents fell victim to so called ‘copycat’ websites.

The office warned: “These websites look very similar to the genuine web site. However, they will charge you for forwarding to the correct web address the details that people provide them with.”

Jennifer Hampton, senior trading standards officer, said: “People should be very careful about what website they are on before providing their personal information.”

The situation may become more complicated as, this year, for the first time, HMRC will be emailing reminders to people who normally file their tax returns online.

A genuine HMRC email will not have links to your account log in pages.

Most importantly, be wary of any emails telling you that you are due a refund after the submission of your return.

And take time to ensure you have gone directly to the address.