Ben Nevis tribute to great pal

Kyle Bremner, who died from meningitis at the age of 14, dyed his hair to raise funds after his mum died from cancer.
Kyle Bremner, who died from meningitis at the age of 14, dyed his hair to raise funds after his mum died from cancer.

Friends of a teenager who tragically died from meningitis just two years after his mum’s death from cancer are taking on a charity challenge in his memory this Saturday.

Kyle Bremner, of Ormonde Avenue, Netherlee, was just 14 when he became ill and died suddenly from a rare form of meningitis on December 5, 2017, without showing the usual symptoms associated with the disease.

Now, around 20 of his closest friends and their dads have decided to tackle the UK’s highest mountain to raise awareness of the disease that killed him and funds for charity Meningitis Now.

Kyle’s friend John O’Neill, of Nethercliffe Avenue, Netherlee, said: “Kyle went through so much after his mum died of cancer in 2015, but he kept his head held high and a smile on his face.

“He dyed his hair to fundraise for Maggie’s following his mum’s death. He was an inspiration to us all and will never be forgotten.”

The group has already raised £3,540 towards Meningitis Now’s research, awareness and support work and hopes to raise even more.

Kyle’s father Brem, who will also be undertaking the challenge, added: “This is a wonderful tribute to Kyle by John and his friends and I wish them well with the challenge.”

Gillian Marshall, Meningitis Now community fundraiser for Scotland, said: “Kyle’s sad story shows how quickly meningitis can strike and the devastation it causes.

“We wish everyone well with this fantastic fundraiser and thank them for their efforts to fight back against this deadly disease.

“As a charity that receives no government funding we rely entirely on the generosity, energy and initiative of our supporters to raise the vital funds we need to carry out our lifesaving and life-changing work.

“Their efforts will make a real difference to those who are at risk from meningitis and those whose lives have already been changed forever because of it.”

Signs and symptoms of meningitis include headaches, vomiting, dislike of bright lights, drowsiness and fever. Charity advice is not to wait for a rash – which many people associate with meningitis – as this can be a late sign and may not appear at all.

Trust your instincts and seek urgent medical attention if meningitis is suspected.

Meningitis Now is the founder of the meningitis movement and the only charity dedicated to fighting the disease in the UK.

For more information on meningitis and the work of the charity visit

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