BB group in leaflet row with school

A LOCAL church group has blasted Mearns primary for its refusal to issue leaflets promoting boys brigade.

In this months Newton Mearns Parish Church newsletter, Crosstalk, BB captain Robbie Sutherland stated: “I cannot report this year, that leaflets have gone out through all the schools, only through Crookfur and Kirkhill.

“This year Mearns Primary have refused to distribute leaflets, as they say parents have complained about too many leaflets.

“Perhaps obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect, and Christian manliness, are not characteristics that they feel should be encouraged in their pupils.

“Let’s hope this does not affect our intake of Boys into the Anchor Boys”.

This prompted Mearns primary to issue a letter detailing “the facts”, including confirmation of school policy to only distribute council letters to pupils.

A council spokesman told The Extra: “All of our schools support a vast range of local community groups right across East Renfrewshire.

“When we weren’t able to distributed leaflets, for very practical reasons in a school of 900 pupils, we would hope the BB officer would have been more understanding.

“We offered to make leaflets available to pupils and also offered time at a school assembly.

“But, the BB officer appears to have decided to not take us up on the very reasonable offer of the school assembly”