Battlefield celebrates a century

Laura Imrie, David McKenzie and Hazel McCarthy
Laura Imrie, David McKenzie and Hazel McCarthy

THERE was a blast from the past at Battlefield primary’s centenary celebration when David McKenzie — a pupil who left the school in 1933— visited.

He joined depute head Laura Imrie and primary one teacher Hazel McCarthy in marking the occasion.

The event was a great success, with Battlefield pupils and teachers, past and present, joining in the festivities.

As part of the celebrations marking 100 years since the school opened its doors in 1912, pupils and staff reverted to the styles of yesteryear, wearing costumes from the early 1900s and using slates.

Pupils also participated in the creation of a large scale mosaic for the school grounds.

Teachers and pupils have already discovered a number of facts about the schools past — such as the man behind the architecture of the building 
being Ninian McWhannell (1869-1930), but they are still looking to find out more.

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