Battle to bring back speed cam

The Ayr Road speed camera was removed last year
The Ayr Road speed camera was removed last year

A Newton Mearns councillor has raised widespread concerns about traffic management on Ayr Road with East Renfrewshire Council’s transport team.

Last week, a school traffic controller wrote to The Extra voicing “disgust” at the council’s comment that “there is not a road safety issue on Ayr Road”.

The lollipop person, who asked to remain anonymous, was one of a group who had campaigned early in 2014 for an out-of-use traffic camera to be reinstated.

The letter reads: “Does it have to be a fatality before someone pays attention?”

Now, councillor Charlie Gilbert has written to the roads department to question the removal of the camera, situated near Mearns Primary until March last year.

He told The Extra: “I am in favour of having the camera reinstated as it emphasises the need for parents, pupils and drivers to be conscious of safety — and for drivers in particular to watch their speed in that area.”

Concerns were echoed on The Extra’s Facebook page, with reader Janet Moore commenting: “It was thought unnecessary as there had been no incidents running up to the removal of the camera — which of course meant the camera was working and stopping speeding drivers.

“This is a subject very close to my family’s heart as my brother was killed in 1991 just yards from where the speed camera was installed.

“Perhaps those who decided to get rid of it should try crossing that road at certain times.”

Julie Richford agreed: “It’s a disgrace that Ayr Road, running through a heavily built-up area, remains at 40mph limit. I agree with the traffic controllers, as they have to stop this traffic at risk of injury to themselves.”

Despite complaints, ERC maintains that there are no plans to re-introduce the speed camera on Ayr Road.

A spokeswoman said: “The camera was installed more than 20 years ago when the A77 was still a trunk road, with two traffic lanes in each direction.

“The site was decommissioned following a significant drop in volume of traffic and activations. ERC has since erected a vehicle-activated sign that reminds drivers of the speed limit and, if they exceed it, instructs them to slow down.”