Batman’s off to a flyer

Batman Live is on at the SECC.
Batman Live is on at the SECC.

THE caped crusader is almost here taking to the stage in a city filled with 12ft skyscrapers, Wayne manor and an eerie lunatic asylum.

Gotham City has been recreated for Batman Live touring the UK, Europe and North America and it’s coming to Glasgow on Wednesday.

Robin, The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler and a host of other characters from the world of DC Comics are coming to life in the first-ever live stage production of Batman.

It will combine a new, original story with live-action, cutting-edge special effects, circus performers and state-of-the-art production.

Executive producer Nick Grace told Live: “There’s nothing else in arenas on this kind of scale. It’s a totally unique experience.

“It’s not a musical but a high-quality live show with a thrilling Batman story. That makes it tremendously exciting”.

It’s been three years in the making with a creative team comprising creative director Es Devlin, creative director Anthony Van Laast, technical director Jake Berry, lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe and costume designer Jake Galloway.

Anthony told Live: “My co-director James Powell and I have said all the time, throughout all the auditions, throughout all the meetings — the most important thing is the story.

“If the story is good, then the audience will be intrigued to know what happens next. Then we can build on top of that with beautiful effects.

“But if we do an effects-led show, then it will become very boring, very quickly”.

Written by Allan Heinberg, the script follows the origin of Robin, former circus performer with acrobatic family The Flying Graysons, turned crime-fighter.

The death of Bruce Wayne’s parents and the circumstances that made him Batman are also played out.

The iconic settings of Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, The Batcave and Gotham City have been brought to life by Es.

She told Live: “I would recommend people go along early. The audience walk in, and you’ve got this whole pre-show that goes on for 25 minutes.

“You walk into the chaos of Gotham, The Bat Signal, this whole soundscape. It’s smoke, it’s haze. There’s none of this standing around, eating your chips”.

Batman Live is on at the SECC from Wednesday until Sunday with shows at 11am and 7pm, 3pm and 7pm on the weekend dates.

For tickets (from £20) call 0844 395 4000.