Barrhead parking and blue badge spaces reviews begin

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The consultation on East Ren Council’s review of the waiting and loading restrictions throughout Barrhead has been published.

Anyone wishing to make their views known must do so before the consultation deadline of February 23.

The key changes that have been proposed are to introduce limited waiting from 8am–7pm, Monday to Saturday, on Main Street and Cross Arthurlie Street and to create a taxi rank on the Main Street close to Asda.

Also, away from the town centre, it is also proposed to make part of Newton Avenue a one-way system to improve circulation for buses and service vehicles and enhance public safety.

Meanwhile, the formal consultation on East Renfrewshire Council’s blue badge parking places has been published.

If you wish to make your views known, you need to do so by 23 February 2015.

The draft order means that failure to display a valid blue badge on a vehicle, which is parked in a blue badge holder space, can incur a £60 fine.

Both consultations are long-awaited by frustrated residents and businesses who have been waiting for the reviews to begin for almost two years since the decriminalisation of parking in certain areas was first announced.

Restrictions have since pitted neighbour against neighbour over parking rights.

To view either consultation and make your views known, copies of the draft Traffic Regulation Orders are available to view in Barrhead library, in the council office on Barrhead Main Street and at