Banking scam warning in East Ren

A warning has been issued to be on your guard over banking scam
A warning has been issued to be on your guard over banking scam

Residents across East renfrewshire are being warned to be on their guard as the latest banking scam hits the area.

Vulnerable individuals are at highest risk of being targeted by a cruel telephone banking scam resulting in the potential loss of eye-watering sums of money.

Two elderly locals together lost a six figure sum in one week to the heartless conmen who think preying on the elderly and the vulnerable is acceptable.

East Ren Council are saying it’s not and are telling people how to spot the scam, and how to deal with any such calls.

The caller claims to be from a banks fraud section and panics people into thinking that urgent action is required to stop theft from their account.

The fraudsters give details of an account to transfer funds to in order to protect them from theft. The con artists even claim the bank is in on the scam and to tell no one about the call.

Residents are being asked to be vigilant as there are various versions of the scam circulating the UK.

Trading Standards Prevention Team and Police Scotland offer the following advice to protect residents:

Hang up immediately if you receive a call of this nature and go into your local bank branch to report the matter. Do not phone the bank – it is better to deal with the matter face-to-face.

Ignore the fraudster’s claims that the bank is involved in the scam.

Ring Police on 101 to report the call or local Trading Standards on 0141 577 3782.

Register your telephone number as ex-directory.

Register with the telephone preference service

Contact East Renfrewshire Councils Prevention Team to see if you would qualify for a free nuisance call blocking device. Free call blocking is available to residents who face challenging situations due to health.

Under no circumstance should you divulge account details to an unsolicited caller.

Under no circumstances should you transfer money following such a call.

Contact Consumer Advice Scotland 03454 040506 for general consumer advice.