Back on the greens

Eaglesham man Campbell Watson has a new lease of life thanks to a local charity.

The 75-year-old has been a member of Eaglesham bowling club for more than 30 years.

Because of a double amputation, the retired electrician has not been able to bowl on the greens that he loved since 2005.

Then, the ex-serviceman lost his legs beneath his knees because of complications arising from type one diabetes.

However, thanks to East Renfrewshire good causes, the pensioner is back bowling, as the charity led by Russell Macmillan has gifted Mr Watson a specialised wheelchair.

This “clippie” chair is able to go on any bowling surface, both outdoor and indoor, without causing damage to the green thanks to its specially designed wide wheels and hinged foldaway sides.

The triple champion at the 2004 Renfrewshire championship told The Extra: “Not being able to bowl was extremely frustrating.

“Watching some of these people in the greens has just made me want to go out there and show them how it’s done”.

“I was spending far too much time just sitting, looking out the window, this gets me out the house more. It gives me my life back”.

Campbell’s friend Cathy Lennox, a past president at the club, added: “We’ve won some tournaments together in the past and it will be good to get him back playing again”.

The chair cost £870, with half the fee coming from The Scottish Poppy appeal.

Long time contributor to East Ren good causes, councillor Charlie Gilbert, was delighted to see the positive impact of his donations first hand.

“The amount of lives the charity has changed is incredible”, said Mr Gilbert, “it’s a wonderful feature of our community that so many people in East Renfrewshire are joining together to help locals like Campbell”.

Founder Russell Macmillan added: “The charity desperately needs more people to donate from £5 per month, in order to expand the work it does”.

To help, contact Russell via or 639 8230.