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Karen Murdarasi
Karen Murdarasi

A SOUTHSIDE author has just published her second book.

Karen Murdarasi, from Shawlands, wants to educate children about the life of St Augustine.

Her new book, Augustine: the Truth Seeker is a study of the saint and his life. As Karen says: “Everyone has heard of St Augustine, and most people know a few of his famous quotes, even if they don’t realise who said them, but they don’t know much about why he’s famous.

“In my latest book I’ve tried to make his life and work accessible to everyone.”

Set in the fourth and fifth centuries AD, the book tells the story of Augustine’s attemps to gain approval in Roman society and of how his restless ambition left him dissatisfied and looking for something deeper.

Karen, who has a master’s degree in Ancient History from the university of St Andrews, said: “Augustine lived in very interesting times: the Roman Empire was starting to crumble at the edges, but Romans were trying to cling on to their ancient culture.

“When Augustine was born, it seemed as if the Roman way of life would go on forever, but by the time he died his Roman city of Hippo was besieged by barbarians.

“A lot of people thought Christianity was responsible for the fall of Rome because they had abandoned their traditional religion.

“But Augustine’s greatest work, City of God, is all about proving that belief to be untrue.”

Karen’s book, which she publishes under her pen name KC Murdarasi, is available in paperback and ebook priced £5.99.