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AFTER almost two weeks of horse trading, the SNP and Labour have agreed to form an administration in East Renfrewshire council.

Following discussions with all parties, Jim Fletcher, who is expected to become leader of the council once again at Wednesday’s meeting, believes the decision is “logical”.

He told The Extra: “There is not a lot of difference between Labour and SNP on most policies so the only real compromise came in dividing up who does what.

“Both parties believe we can fulfil our manifesto promises together. We will continue to invest in schools, a new health centre and sports facilities”.

SNP group leader Tony Buchanan added: “We will look to progress many issues we worked on in the past and take new ones forward.

“Although we had discussions with the Conservative party, it was clear that there would be some very difficult policy hurdles to clear if we were to form an administration with them.

“We will continue to do what’s best for East Renfrewshire, as we have done for the past five years”.

Conservative leader Councillor Wallace has criticised the SNP, claiming the party’s campaign was deceptive.

He said: “SNP’s campaign feigned being all things to all people, the reality we know is somewhat different, making Labour their natural choice.

“By contrast, Labour’s campaign was, as ever, anti-Conservative.

“To have then done a U-turn would have lain them wide open to ever more criticism and abuse”.

He added: “I trust that the differences that the impending referendum will undoubtedly bring to the surface will not be allowed to deflect attention from the main point of what this election has been all about, that being the delivery of local front-line services and the use of limited resource in as efficient and professional a manner as possible”.

Both Mr Fletcher and Mr Buchanan denied the issue of independence will cause a rift between the two parties.

The Labour man said: “Both parties will focus on policies for ERC and put constitutional issues to one side”.

Mr Buchanan added: “The issue is not local and therefore won’t have any bearing on the business relationship between the two parties”.