Are doctors right to go on strike?

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith

DOCTORS are set to strike today (Thursday) following a disagreement with the government about pensions.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has attacked the BMA, claiming the action will “at best inconvenience and at worst harm” patients.

Southsiders will be affected as no non-urgent procedures will take place at the Victoria Infirmary and Southern General, meanwhile GPs may also choose to treat only emergency patients.

But do local people think the course of action taken by medical professionals — which they describe as a last resort — is the right one?

Shilpa Hyland (21) an English literature student working in Shawlands, told The Extra: “People have a right to strike, if they don’t then that allows people to be taken advantage of”.

Jennifer Smith, a 24-year-old aid worker added: “It is understandable. Doctors work long hours and the government has completely backtracked on an agreement”.

Hugh Dunlop, a 75-year-old accountant based in the southside disagrees with the doctors decision to strike.

He told The Extra: “Everybody is struggling at the moment and doctors already get paid enough.

“Everybody is facing hardship in their own way so I don’t see why I should empathise with them. Nobody should strike, there’s a minimum wage”.

James Law — a retired 67-year-old from Shawlands, thinks it’s “the government’s fault that is has come to this.

“This government continues to think they can treat people unfairly and get away with it. It will be ordinairy people that face the repurcussions”.

Charlie Brown (56), took time out from his shopping in Shawlands Arcade to offer his support to the doctors.

He said: “They may get paid well but they work hard, long, unsociable hours and provide a valued public service so they deserve it.

“The public will support it and the government needs to get its act together and stop taking advantage of people”.

Margaret Russell — a 65-year-old from Shawlands — believes it’s a “bad day when doctors decide to strike”.

She continued: “They are public servants and should consider the implications. They have not made the right decision”.