Anger at army centre closure

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CATHCART’S territorial army centre will be closed by December 2014, following a series 
of cuts by the Ministry of Defence.

Politicians have been quick to criticise the move, including Cathcart MSP James Dornan.

On hearing the news about the facility, sited in the area’s Carmunock Road which has been at the heart of the local community for decades, the local politician discussed it with The Extra.

Mr Donan said: “This is a huge blow for my constituency, which has been home to the TA Centre for as long as I can remember. It has been a solid part of the local community and a source of pride for many of my constituents.

“The wider impact of the reserve closures across Scotland are also of concern to me.

“It seems that Scotland will see 18% of its army and navy reserve centres closed — more than twice Scotland’s population share.

“This only demonstrates why decisions about defence in Scotland should be taken here in Scotland, and not by Westminster politicians who want to cut defence in Scotland to the core.

He continued: “I intend to meet with those who will be affected by the centre closure at the earliest opportunity.

“And I want to discuss with my constituents how we can best fight this closure to ensure that our TA centre remains at home here in Cathcart.”

East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy, the shadow secretary state of defence, also slammed the decision.

He said: “This is a body blow to the TA in the southside of Glasgow and the surrounding area.

“I have met many people from the TA Centre who have served our country bravely and with real pride.

“This process has been ham-fisted and government ministers need to explain how the TA will continue to recruit from the local area after this decision.”

The Cathcart TA office looks to be perhaps just one of seven to close across Scotland as a result of the government cut–backs.