Anger as new mum is flooded out - yet again!

A new mum with a 12-week-old baby is slamming Scottish Water for failing to act speedily on a southside flooding problem.

Ruth Farquharson (27), along with her partner Kieran Taylor (27) and their new daughter Penny have been evacuated from their Robslee Crescent home after it flooded for the eighth time in three years.

Ruth told the Extra: “I am sick fed up of the constant problems we have in the street and within our property every time it rains because the drainage system cannot cope.

“It’s not as if this is something new, it does it every time. The sub-floor in our house floods and we have to rely on the pump fitted by Scottish Water last year year to control the problem. This time the pump failed and we’re flooded again!

“They have constantly told us they know what the problem is and will be dealing with it - until the next time our home floods and the vehicles are floating outside - again!”

The problem centres on the fact that the current waste water pipes in the Giffnock area are unable to cope with extreme rainfall.

Ruth also commented: “Scottish Water have been aware of this issue for years and keep telling us they are ‘working on a project’ to rectify it. They have now supplied us with a hire car as both ours have been written off due to water damage.”

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Flooding in the area can sometimes occur during heavy rainfall because of a capacity issue in our waste water network in such weather conditions.

“A flood alarm that we installed on a manhole in the area alerted us about a potential flooding incident.

“We are monitoring the situation and will continue to take action to mitigate the problem.

“Planned investment in the construction of a major new waste water tunnel in the south of Glasgow, and some local waste water infrastructure upgrades in Giffnock, will help tackle the flooding issue.

“However, these improvements will not be effective in terms of tackling the flooding issues in the Robslee Crescent area until 2017-18.