And the madness continues


Originally dismissed as a poor man’s Radiohead, Muse can now lay claim to being the biggest band in thew world.

Not content with being a rock band, the creative trio are able to fuse heavy metal with classic music to create their own unique sound.

The band began to turn heads with their second album, 2001’s Origin of Symmetry, and five albums later, with the release of this year’s The 2nd Law, the Devonshire musicians have cemented themselves as a household name.

Having toured the world over and over again since their formation in 1999, the band believe this one is set to be the biggest yet — in fact, their singer Matt Bellamy believes it will be his outfit’s answer to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

He said: “We’ve built this upside down pyramid structure which is full of video screens.

“Throughout the gig, it gradually comes down and consumes the band. So we end up eaten up by this pyramid thing, which is all very symbolic, of course. “We blast out of it and escape. It’s going to be a big experience. This is our Stonehenge tour!”

In previous interviews, the band have hinted these shows would feature everything - from aliens to kung-fu.

Their Glasgow show, on Wednesday, comes before a two-night headlining performance at London’s 02 Arena and is part of a comprehensive European tour.

The band are one of the few in the world who can claim to be genuinely different with release.

Whether it’s the excitable Knights of Cydonia, the atmospheric Madness or the poppy Plug in Baby, each song offers a change of pace from the last.

Alongside Mumford and Sons, Muse have helped lead a recent 60s style British invasion of the American charts.

Although they couldn’t topple the folk foursome, Muse’s sixth studio album The 2nd Law entered the chart at No. 2 in the USA’s Billboard 200 after selling 101,000 copies.

The tour starts in Glasgow on Wednesday at the SECC. Tickets are available from or tel 0844 395 4000, priced £47.50