An unforgettable trip for charity founder

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Giffnock woman Phyllis Hutchison has returned from her latest trip to the Tanzanian orphanage benefitting from the charity she founded.

Phyllis and partner David Devlin joined the American group Friends of Children Concern Foundation in fundraising for the empoverished orphanage after stumbling upon it while on holiday.

Phyllis told The Extra: “They have running water now, as well as dormitories, a kitchen and a school room, thanks to donations from America.

“It looks fabulous. But appearances can be deceiving, because the first thing I had to do when I arrived was buy food.”

The latest trip followed a £7,000 cash boost from a concert at Eastwood Park Theatre — which allowed the orphanage to buy two hectares of land next door, where Phyllis hopes to build staff accomodation.

She explained: “The staff are there from 6am until midnight, and I don’t know when they see their families. It will take a lot of money but Peter and Andrew, who run the orphanage, have said it would be a blessing — and it would be good for the children to feel part of a village.”

The Scottish Friends group continue their fundraising with a

Meanwhile, Phyllis has happy memories of her trip, having treated the children to a day out to see an aeroplane, followed by lunch and a swim.

She added: “We got to the airport, got to stand right on the tarmac and when the first plane down they all screamed and ran away.

“And the look on the children’s faces when they saw this beautiful filled pool — it’s a day that I’ll never forget.”