All change for ER nurseries?

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CHANGES could be afoot for East Renfrewshire’s nurseries.

This week, the council launched two consultations concerning provision, first in Busby/Carolside and also in Giffnock.

ERC proposes to reduce nursery places at Busby primary school to 80 (40 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon) to free up one classroom for primary children.

Meanwhile, places at Carolside will be increased to 80 in the morning and 80 in the afternoon to accommodate the remaining Busby children.

Education convener, Alan Lafferty, believes this proposal would “continue to provide the right number of places for children in the areas around both Busby and Carolside.

“It will provide more places for the rising Busby primary school and more for nursery education in Carolside. It will also help pupils in Carolside enjoy a smoother transition from nursery to primary”.

The second proposal follows on from the consultations with Robslee and Giffnock from last year and also takes account of the new Isobel Mair school in Newton Mearns.

Nursery provision in Giffnock primary has steadily grown from 60 during the course of the day in 2004, to 160 today, with three classrooms in use.

Many of these pupils come from the Braidbar area, which currently has no nursery provision.

In the new proposal, a new nursery class would be established in Braidbar primary school.

A council spokesman explained: “Because nursery children are less likely to be dropped off by their parents, traffic issues around Giffnock primary are increased by the expanded nursery provision.

“Parents from Braidbar who have little choice in nursery service are more likely to drive children to school in Giffnock”.

Therefore, Giffnock nursery would be reduced to 60 places and Braidbar would now house a total of 80 nursery pupils.

Nursery provision in Thornliebank could also face changes, with the Glen Family centre’s capacity for 0-3-year-olds being increased from 15 to 47.

Both consultations will continue until midnight on Friday, November 25 this year.

A consultation for Busby and Carolside will take place at Williamwood high school on November 2 (7pm), while a public meeting for the Giffnock and Thornliebank proposals will take place the previous day, also at 7pm.

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