Alcohol and self-service tills

Eastwood-based MSP Stewart Maxwell has raised concerns over the use of self-service tills for alcohol sales.

This follows an incident where an under-age customer in Glasgow was sold alcohol by an under-age sales assistant through a self-service till in a test-purchasing exercise.

Mr Maxwell, has written to the supermarkets raising the problem and suggesting they act as responsible retailers and voluntarily suspend sales through self-service tills.

He said: "When you have one person supervising sometimes eight or more tills it is ridiculous to expect them to be taking the same amount of care and attention over a person's age as they would on an individual till.

"Just one person supervising eight tills on a busy day is going to struggle to keep an eye on everyone's ages.

"It is not right to put one person under such pressure.

"It would make much more sense for alcohol as a licensed product to only be for sale through a full service till where a sales assistant can properly assess a customer's age".

Locals outside a Newton Mearns supermarket agree with the MSP's course of action.

Sanjiv Nandwani, a doctor from Newton Mearns, believes alcohol should never be sold at self service tills.

The 36-year-old told The Extra: "Anything to limit the possibility of under-age people purchasing alcohol is a good thing.

"If it was possible, I would ban alcohol altogether. In my job I constantly see the negative effects and people often people pick up the habbit at a young age".

Patricia and Ian Hawthorn from Darnley are in favour of Maxwell's proposal.

Mr Hawthorn (61) said: "It's a good idea, IDs for alcohol sales is an absolute necessity and i f it's not policed properly in self-service tills then it needs to be stopped".

Michael Statt, a retired 61-year-old from Newton Mearns, said: "It is probably too easy for youngsters to buy drink.

"It's hard to argue with any policy that will make it more difficult for people under the age of 18 to get away with buying alcohol".

Elsie Gilmour (52) said: "Purely to speed up self-service tills I would ban the sale of alcohol there. Having to get the sale approved by a supervisor clogs up the line and slows everybody down".