Actor’s father fails to have murder conviction overturn

THE father of Scots actor Conor McCarron has been unsuccessful in overturning his murder conviction.

Publican John McCarron (42) was convicted of the killing of William Auld in his pub, The Cavendish, in Nitshill, following an argument over a bottle of vodka.

McCarron was sentenced to 18 years in prison in August 2010.

The basis of his appeal was that he claimed his legal team at the time had failed to precognesce a key witness in the trial.

McCarron denied having a knife and stabbing the victim but did admit there had been an altercation with Mr Auld.

However, CCTV footage showed that McCarron did indeed have a knife which he placed in the waistband of his trousers.

A witness also claimed McCarron said: “I’m going away for a long time for this”.

Lord Carloway rejected the appeal since witness Jennifer Donlin refused to give evidence as the Crown refused to grant her annonymity.

McCarron’s son, Conor, starred in Peter Mullen’s 2010 film Neds about gang violence in Glasgow of the 1970s.

McCarron was found guilty of stabbing Mr Auld 16 times during the attack which occurred after an Old Firm match.

The bar had its license suspended for a year following the incident.