A step back in time

LOCAL people will soon be able to take a walk through Eaglesham’s history thanks to a community group.

Eaglesham and Waterfoot community development trust have raised £18,000 to develop a Heritage Trail which will open in June.

The trail will include 12 signposts telling the story of the village since the 16th century.

The trust has been in operation since January last year to support groups in their quest for funding from cashback for communities, the national lottery and the windfarm fund.

Trust chairman Jim McLean told The Extra: “More than 100,000 people visit the town a year to see the windfarm so it is important we try to take advantage of that and boost the economy.

“There is a lot of history here”.

One of the key parts of Eaglesham’s heritage to be signposted is Statue House, where six statues created by 19th century local sculptor William Gemmell are housed in the former weaver’s workshop in a lane off the village’s Montgomery Street.

Mr Gemmell spent three years (from 1842 to 1845) creating life-size statues representing the family circle described in Robert Burns’ Cotters Saturday Night.

Eaglesham councillor Alastair Carmichael said: “Statue House is a hidden gem and is a vital part of Eaglesham’s heritage”.

Also signposted will be the landing point of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess who flew to Scotland to negotiate peace and reportedly landed in a parachuted at Floors Farm near Eaglesham clip where farmhand David McLean (no relation to Jim) claimed to have arrested Hess with his pitchfork.

It’s a boom time for community investment as thanks in part to the windfarm fund, the community council have secured new swings in the park, traffic lights at Waterfoot and a multi user games area at Eaglesham primary.

Also, the Boys Bridgade were given 17,500 for their annual summer camp and the Trust is currently campaigning for funding to renovate the Scout Hall.

Jim McLean added: “If we don’t use the money generated for the community from the windfarm, then it will go further afield. So it’s important our community takes advantage of this opportunity”.

n Eaglesham and Waterfoot community council will be holding its regular monthly meeting on Monday, March 28 in the Montgomerie Halls, Gilmour St Eaglesham at 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.