A song, a dance and a spot of rain

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There can be few people who haven’t thought about doing it; a jaunty walk through the Glasgow rain, an umbrella in hand and a nearby lampost to swing from...just me?

Of course, the next best thing to an impromptu solo in the street is to see

This production boasts an all-star cast, with stage and screen leading man Maxwell Caulfield (

James Leece stars as Don Lockwood, with Amy Ellen Richardson as Kathy Selden and Stephane Anelli as Cosmo.

The story follows silent movie star Don as he navigates an ever-changing Hollywood, and the introduction of the talkies. Can Don and co-star Lina make the transition — and will chorus girl Kathy Selden ever have a taste of the spotlight herself?

Those familiar with the original will know the answers already. The real question remains: just how do they make it rain in the middle of the Theatre Royal?

The answer, apparently, is half a mile of pipe work, a 10 tonne water tank and over 12,000 litres of downpour per performance.

It’s safe to say you won’t escape the rain by paying a visit to the theatre — but what awaits is sure to be a spectacle.