A royal night at the theatre

Photo by David Eustace
Photo by David Eustace

Not everyone will have been caught up in the Games fever currently running through the city (and country).

For those with a strong feeling towards the arts, Edinburgh Interenational Festival will be an obvious draw.

New to the stage are a trio of plays from writer Rona Munro collectively called

Starring Blythe Duff, from TV’s

Each stands alone as a unique vision of a country tussling with its past and future, with its own distinct theatrical atmosphere.

Writer Rona Munro said: “I wrote these plays because I adore medieval history.

“We do not have many accessible, popular culture versions of our medieval history in Scotland and most people have very little knowledge of these events.”

Each of Rona’s plays deals with a different aspect of these three characters.

In the first we explore the complex character of the colourful king, James I: a poet, a lover, a law-maker, but also the product of a harsh political system.

The second, about James II, looks on as innocent games merge with murderous intent in a violent, royal playground of shifting realities and paranoia.

And the last play looks at the colourful and brash third James: a man who is irresistable and charismatic — a man of fashion and culture.

Rona continued: “My greatestambition is that audiences will come out with some of the same fevered enthusiasm that I have.”