A question of speed

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MEASURES to slow down speeding drivers are being considered for the Waverley Park area.

Residential streets between Crossmyloof and Shawlands Cross may soon have speed deterrents installed in a bid to reduce traffic hurtling through the streets.

Glasgow city council are due to launch a consultation on the proposals, and will contact residents to ask them to complete a questionnaire, in order to gauge support for the proposal.

If the plan goes ahead, speed humps — longer pads, which stretch the width of the road and ensure that the car’s back wheels come on as the front wheels come off — could be installed in Northam Street, Durward Avenue, Dinmont Road, Ravenswood Drive, Midlothian Drive and St Ronan’s Drive.

Speed cushions – narrower pads with a gap between them, to ensure that wider emergency vehicles can avoid slowing down – could also be put in place on Moss-side Road.

Councillor David Meikle has previously raised the issue with the council, taking a resident survey in 2011 and meeting with GCC’s land and environmental service officers.

The Pollokshields ward representative told The Extra: “Speeding and rat running are big issues in the Waverley Park area.

“Last year, local people 
overwhelmingly said action was needed to address the problem.

“I therefore welcome the council’s decision to formally consult on a proposal to install traffic calming, in order to stop speeding in the Waverley Park community.

“I hope residents will respond to the questionnaire positively”.

The councillor’s survey — returned by 188 southsiders — also showed concerns about the traffic lights at Shawlands Cross, and there were suggestions of replacing advisory 20mph zones with mandatory zones, adding additional speed cameras and repainting worn yellow lines.

However, not every neighbourhood welcomes speed bumps.

In June this year, The Extra reported that Newton Mearns residents and opposition councillors were protesting against the 
re-installation of cushions on Firwood Road — citing damage to cars and increased traffic on alternative roads as reasons against them.

Shawlands residents can expect to have their say soon, as GCC sends out letters along with the consultation questionnaire.

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