A new band awaits

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IT’S taken a while, but finally, a band is here to appeal to both fans of space travel and seafaring Scandinavians.

After the release of their debut album First Contact, Viking Galaxy have well and truly touched down.

The five-piece hail from Glasgow, rather than Denmark, Norway, Sweden — or indeed, outer space — but lead singer William Hill still believes there is something celestial about the ensemble.

“Even we are shell-shocked as we have just now realised how good we are,” the 23-year-old told Scene.

“I am a little concerned about the music industry at the moment; our music will undoubtedly monopolise the industry. 
“It’ll be quite tricky for new acts and all existing bands to get noticed in the shadow of our towering supremacy.”

The power metal band have certainly cornered the space-viking rock market. While catchy melodies give the music a broad appeal, their thunderous riffs and soaring vocals will not leave metal fans disappointed.

Every Viking Galaxy show is a theatrical event that combines costume, props and comedy with well-written, catchy power metal.

William is joined in the line-up by bass player Ross Keightley, guitarist Michael Parkin, drummer Alasdair Dunn, and even a keytarist, Mathew Brown.

The front man continued: “We will be pillaging King Tuts tomorrow and some devastatingly pelvis-shattering, ear drum-rupturing, brain-melting, leg-liquidating, rib-ripping, femur-fracturing, ankle-annihilating, spinal cord-severing new tunes shall be played as well as all the standard Viking tomfoolery.

“Be there or forfeit your chance to reach Valhalla.

“We hope everyone in attendance will be suitably armed and ready. We only have so many helmets, swords and axes to distribute so if you all could get hold of Viking attire of any description that would be great.”

Viking Galaxy will headline at King Tut’s tomorrow (Friday) in a triple bill also featuring Lets Play God. Tickets are just £7, available from www.kingtuts.co.uk.