A clean kitchen puts safety first

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SAFETY in the home could come down to cleaner kitchens, shoppers will be told.

Braehead is hosting an Electrical Safety Council and Scottish Fire and Rescue event to warn of the dangers lurking within people’s homes.

In particular the teams will be looking at so-called grime fires: caused by dirty and messy kitchens.

Shoppers will be challenged to take part in a ‘buzz wire’ game, which will test their knowledge of kitchen safety.

Prizes will be awarded to those who sucessfully complete the challenge and experts will be on hand to give advice in avoiding kitchen fires.

Wayne Mackay, of the Electrical Safety Council, said: “Glasgow has a worryingly high level of kitchen fires and so we hope our event will encourage people to take more care in the kitchen and clean it on a regular basis to avoid strarting a grime fire.”

Assistant chief officer Lewis Ramsay, director of prevention and protection at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, added: “More fires start n the kitchen than any other room in the house.

“The research from the Electrical Safety Council demonstrates that people don’t always take time to ensure their kitchen is safe.

“Leaving cooking unattended, or cooking under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are major causes ofkitchen fires.

“Build up of grime in ovens, toasters and grills also significantly increases the chance of fire.”