A caring community within a community

Ekta group members attending celebrations.
Ekta group members attending celebrations.

The Ekta Group Elderly Care Forum has recently celebrated bringing local elderly residents together under one umbrella.

The aims of Ekta Group Elderly Care Forum is to provide an opportunity for the elderly Sikh who have become isolated with society.

The group has progressed and developed since it began in 1996, and continue to meet the needs of the Sikh/Asian elderly community living in the South West of Glasgow and East Renfrewshire.

Allowing this part of the community to participate in a range of activities, this is to break down barriers of isolation, prejudices, loneliness, social exclusion and assist them to integrate into the wider community, which is important for the continued wellbeing of each person.

The group provides a safe, stimulating and warm environment, where the members can meet with others of the similar background and other communities.

This is in the hope that they a may live a life full of purpose. This will enable group members to become valuable members of society, as well as developing their tolerance and acceptability into all walks of life.