A bit tied up, doc?

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A LOCAL health professional has called on doctors to ditch casual wear and smarten up while on duty.

Doctors have been advised against wearing ties in the interest of personal hygiene for more than 
five years.

However, Stephanie Dancer — a consultant microbiologist at Hairmyres Hospital — has other ideas. 
She said: “Doctors are members of a distinguished profession and should dress accordingly.

“There is no evidence that the white coat is a vehicle for the transmission of bacteria to patients.

“The current alternative, doctor’s own choice of clothes, does not aspire to expected levels of smartness and could indicate a lack of personal hygiene”.

The Extra took to The 
Avenue to discover 
whether local people agreed 
doctors should take 
more pride in their 

Margaret McGill, a retired nurse shopping in Newton Mearns, said: “Even since the change of policy, I think doctors have continued to look professional.

“It’s better as ties can be quite offputting and intimidating for young people”.

Gordon Avison (71) from Giffnock believes it “doesn’t make a difference whether doctors wear ties”.

He said: “As long as they are clean and fairly smart that’s all that matters to me”.

Ronnie Mail, an 81-year-old from Newton Mearns has similar ideas.

He told The Extra: “I would rather have a scruffy doctor who was qualified and good at their job than a well turned out one who didn’t have a clue what they were doing!”

Alison Jackson (47) — a housewife from Newton Mearns — asked: “Ties can get in the way, so what’s the point?

“All I want in a doctor is somebody that can do 
the job”.