700 tons of rubbish cleared from streets

Flytipping in Govanhill
Flytipping in Govanhill

Glasgow’s new Environmental Taskforce has cleared almost 700 tons of rubbish and removed 12,500 sqm of graffiti from across the city since its launch in June.

And a lot of that was from various locations in the southside of the city.

Twenty-one rapid response teams have been blitzing Glasgow communities - responding to environmental issues reported by the public via new dedicated social media channels.

The public has seized the opportunity to report issues instantly, on-the-spot, via new Twitter and Facebook accounts. The taskforce has received almost 4000 requests in the last three months and the majority of issues were addressed within a day.

Amazingly, figures provided by the council to The Extra show a staggering 130 tonnes of waste removed from Govan, 59 tonnes from Langside, 38 from Pollokshields and a further 18 from southside central.

The number of fly tipping sites which were removed from the same wards were: 201 in Govan, 174 in Langside, 127 in Pollokshields and another 169 in the southside central ward area.

Interestingly, Langside seems to be the cleanest area, particularly when it comes to littering offences, with Community Enforcement Officers only having issued one single fixed penalty notice. There was a marked difference in Govan with 47 fines issued, 13 in southside central and six in Pollokshields.

Dog fouling offences were being hit hard by the officers however, with 216 penalties issued in southside central, 184 in Govan, 31 in Langside and 30 in Pollokshields.

The fastest ways to report environmental issues such as graffiti, litter, fly-tipping and dog fouling to the taskforce is via Twitter @theenvtaskforce and Facebook: envtaskforce