£20,000 of goodwill to good causes

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Good causes in East Renfrewshire will benefit from £20,000, thanks to the council.

The local authority will inject much needed cash into the worthy local charity through Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire.

The aim is to assist the charity, founded in 2007, with seed money to establish a sustainable working model in partnership with voluntary action.

East Renfrewshire good causes was established by local man Russell Macmillan.

Russell decided to create the charity after receiving a double transplant as a thank you. Russell’s aim was to raise £100,000 to give to local causes — a target he has since met.

The charity is directly supported by 486 people who contribute to it. Deserving causes for the charity to assist are identified by frontline employees in the council’s social care, housing and education services.

Russell also took part in ITV game show Holding Out For a Hero in which the charity picked up £121,000, the highest amount won in the entire series.

Keith Roberts, company secretary or East Renfrewshire Good Causes: “In recent months we’ve seen increasing activity at ERGoodCauses, which is not surprising in these difficult times.

“Our original target of putting £100,000 into our community was passed a few months ago. This assistance from East Renfrewshire Council will allow us to continue the good work for the foreseeable future, and ensure that we continue to guarantee that 100% of individual’s donations, are spent directly on local good causes.

“Rest assured that Russell Macmillan will not be allowed to stop now, even if he were the type to rest on his laurels. We are all grateful for his drive and commitment”.