£154m plant 
for southside

A NEW £154 million recycling and renewables plant is on its way to the southside.

However, Newton Mearns residents have a stay of execution, as it is not coming to Loganswell, where the possibility of an incinerator continues to hang over residents heads.

Instead, waste specialist Viridor, who signed a 25-year-contract with Glasgow city council, will begin building in Polmadie this summer, which is expected to launch in 2016.

Once up and running, the plant will have the potential to treat 200,000 tonnes of green bin waste a year and is expected to create 254 jobs.

The centre is expected to divert about 90% of waste generated in the city, while GCC could make about £254m in waste savings.

Glasgow city Council leader Gordon Matheson said: ”Without this facility, we would not only be faced with the depressing prospect of piling millions of tonnes of waste into the ground over the coming years, but we would also pay through the nose to do it.

“Our competitors — the likes of Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands — have the highest recycling rates in Europe.

“It is no secret that they have achieved that by embracing a mix of modern, but proven, technologies that not only boost recycling but recover energy from what remains.

“That is an approach that has huge potential here in Glasgow.”

West of Scotland MSP Stewart Maxwell believes this does not spell the end of the threat of LRV.

He said: “The waste plant in Polmadie approved by GCC will deal with just 200,000 tonnes of waste annually compared to the 1.5 million tonnes of waste planned for Newton Mearns by LRV.

“Just a few weeks ago, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency was forced to take action against a waste-burning facility in Dumfries after it breached strict pollution limits for dioxin emissions.

“This has potentially serious health implications and is just one of many concerns I have heard from constituents about bringing Europe’s largest waste incinerator to East Renfrewshire.

“Developers at LRV have been very quiet in recent months but the threat of this incinerator to the community remains and the fight against it continues.”

Fellow West of Scotland MSP Jackson Carlaw added: “Clearly what might be good for Glasgow might not be right for East Renfrewshire.”

“ERC is already under siege for their casual disregard for our green spaces.”

“We’re fortunate to have a 
vocal and active community in East Renfrewshire who have made their views quite clear about the LRV.

“Irrespective of Glasgow’s decision, ERC would be foolish to ignore the strong feelings against the LRV that the community has expressed.”