10 years? That’ll be (Aye) Write!

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Glasgow shows off its literary cred this month as more than 100 authors line up to say Aye Write!

The annual book festival kicks off next Friday (April 17) for a 10th edition — with Barrhead’s own Christopher Brookmyre and debut novelist Lucy Ribchester behind the launch of a programme running until April 25.

Brookmyre said: “I was surprised to learn I’m the author who has appeared at most Aye Write! festivals. I was even more surprised to learn that they’re not completely sick of me, so I’ll be bringing down the tone with my presence yet again.

“I’m looking forward to revisiting old shames, recalling audience walk-outs and generally lowering the bar so that the fantastic line-up of my fellow Scottish authors can raise it again.”

Highlights include Denise Mina, Alan Bissett and Louise Welsh, as well as Glasgow’s poet laureate Jim Carruth and singer-songwriter Carol Laula.

There’s a strong woman strand with a talk by Jane Hawking, wife of professor Stephen Hawking, and another by Eva Schloss, stepsister of Anne Frank, on her memoir After Auschwitz.

Music also tops the agenda, with GQ editor Dylan Jones telling anecdotes about Jim Morrison and music journo Mark Ellen providing insight into the rock and roll lifestyle.

Neec more top literary action? Comedians Karen Dunbar, Kevin Bridges and Hardeep Singh Kohli join journalists John Mackay and Kirsty Wark, comic book bigwig Mark Millar and singer Barbara Dickson on the books which have influenced them.

Tickets for all that and more are available at ayewrite.com.