Your year ahead in the stars

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Aries: You really will be springing into action as this year begins! Communications are buzzing and life runs fast, just as you like it. Although there is a strong emphasis on family and friends, this is a year for you to blossom personally. A steep learning curve at work brings satisfaction and leads the way to more cash. Romance runs a thread through the whole year, bringing new influences and strengthening existing relationships. Overall: An exciting and passionate year in which you should aim to grow and nurture your talents.

Taurus: A boost to finances early in the year opens doors that would have been closed. This period dwindles towards autumn so make the most of any opportunities to get a head start. It is much easier to help others if you first consider yourself. Any insecurity will show itself by the tendency to hold on to things and people that no longer give real support, so be prepared to take a step back from people who drain your spirit. Overall: A time of growth: aim for what you need rather than desire.

Gemini: The year begins with a dynamic boost to optimism and prospects. Make it a time when you take control of your money. Use it wisely and also save. Treat your health with respect and it will work well for you. Get any checks that are needed to keep on top form. Looking for someone special? The summer brings the best chance. Although people come and go from your life, you enjoy the novelty. Overall: An inspiring and intelligent year and one in which you may find a new direction.

Cancer: This is a year of celebration and good fortune. For this to take off, however, you must make an effort. The summer brings a dynamic character into your life who may be a little bit demanding — spend less time with them and more with your friends to keep a balance. If you go for looks in a lover, it could bring disappointment. A good relationship needs effort. With a big emphasis on your personal life, business may plod along. Overall: A time to grow: decisions should be based on facts, not fantasy.

Leo: Seek out the wise and supportive this spring. Why bother with negative people and situations when you have the chance to bloom? Always aim to take the path of progress, especially in building good and long-term relationships. A soulmate is close so appreciate who and what you have. Those with an open mind will find opportunities. There is no need to compromise in this area. Overall: A loving and supportive year. Satisfaction comes from those around you and their appreciation.

Virgo: Both home and career are in the spotlight. Some opportunities will not come as easily for some time so make the most of what is on offer. Look out for big promises that come to nothing. Your judgment serves you well here! Talking of promises, those you make to yourself are very important. Take care of what you have in any area that is essential. Romance is never far away but you will have to reach out for it. Overall: A sparkling and thought-provoking year. Think where you want to be in five years’ time.

Libra: It is a time to seek and find things out. Someone from another culture has knowledge that intrigues you. A hunger to learn by chance sees the opportunity for increased wealth. Having said that, Libra, it is also a year in which you declutter. Spirituality becomes important. You could be lucky and find love but it may be fleeting. Even so, every chance for happiness should be taken and enjoyed. Overall: A time to enjoy moving ahead and leaving behind what is outmoded and ineffectual.

Scorpio: Be lucky as the year begins and through the spring. Chances come your way that seem charmed, but they are real and need to be made the most of! As money comes in, try to hold on to some of it as the temptation to spend will be strong. Finding a new position on the work front, maybe even in an existing company, brings changes. You do not need so much to control your emotions as channel them. Overall: A sparky and spiky time ahead. Would you have it any other way?

Sagittarius: Embrace life, love and new friends this year! Romance is more likely if you resist having preconceived ideas. Take charge with forward planning and charm. Be serious about work and money. You cannot afford to play fast and loose with your responsibilities! A sense of your own worth comes from realising your talents and developing them. With the emphasis on home through summer and autumn, you get an amazing amount done. Overall: You are on a journey to discover yourself. Often this is seen through the eyes of others.

Capricorn: Making your life in your own image is the aim. Ambition takes a back seat to for peace of mind, as it should. When it comes to career moves, what you want may not be what you need for happiness so allow yourself some flexibility. Friends will notice another side of you come winter. This is when you seek to bring out the more spiritual and artistic side of your character. Overall: A time to take charge of your own wellbeing and be honest about your needs.

Aquarius: A good, well-balanced year ahead. Aquarians can have their fill of love and learn to enjoy different aspects of romance.

Existing relationships strengthen as you find your way forward emotionally. Be discreet and if you are unsure of a situation, investigate. If you are expecting a change or promotion at work, be patient. There is much to gain by being one step ahead. Overall: It is a year to be open-minded and experimental. What you learn is very valuable.

Pisces: It is a big year for learning new things: keep an open mind and look for opportunities. Home life is important and you are urged to consider at length any move or agreement. Act rashly and you could regret it. It is not all sober thought, however. The summer encourages you to get out and play, exploring new things and people. A hobby can bring passionate contact but don’t necessarily expect new love to last forever. Overall: A year in which you grow emotionally and expand intellectually.