Your week ahead...

Aries: There is a wonderful feeling of team spirit around. Be ready for opportunities.

Taurus: Romance responds to gentle approaches. Expand your circle by meeting friends of friends.

Gemini: Push ahead and aim to make good progress. This is your week to show your talents are there.

Cancer: Romantic links need to be scrutinised. Make the most of a bit of luck that comes. Spend wisely.

Leo: Increase the chances of success by using a little imagination. Choose your words carefully at all times. Read that small print and check bills.

Virgo: Others may not have your sharpness of mind, so give them a helping hand. Make others feel important by giving them attention.

Libra: Romance can be hot, whether or not you are in a relationship. Aim to be more open.

Scorpio: Love and romance are appealing. Being in socialising mood could see exciting arrangements.

Sagittarius: Fine-tune finances and aim to tuck some cash away. A loving time? Certainly!

Capricorn: It’s a week in which you should take full advantage of trends. Remember knowledge can be power.

Aquarius: Money and love run side by side. Be enterprising in romance. Cash may be easier to come by.

Pisces: Get ready for action in March by planning ahead and getting finances on an even keel. Please, have patience to pick the right right people.