Your week ahead...

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Aries: A subdued ego allows a greater chance to get closer to people who are essential to your happiness.

Taurus: A shift in attitude can make a hard situation easier. All that is needed is a little forgiveness and flexibility.

Gemini: Laying the groundwork now rather than waiting sees you miles ahead. Thinking time is essential and brings satisfaction.

Cancer: This is a beautiful month, so start as you mean to go on. Creativity is at a peak and making your environment happier is the goal.

Leo: Your seek something new and exciting. When that is directed at the people, things get really interesting!

Virgo: When the atmosphere is tranquil, things happen. Good things. Warm feelings fill the gaps where indecision used to live.

Libra: This week is all about you! Spend time indulging in favourite pastimes.

Scorpio: Somewhere deep inside you have a dream or ambition. Where will you start to make these come true?

Sagittarius: For all of your ideas there has to be an outlet. Find it this week by eliminating everything that you don’t want. What is left?

Capricorn: Find a kindred spirit who shares your dream and make it happen together. Meet an older person halfway.

Aquarius: Physical wellbeing and mental stimulation go hand in hand. Why wait to start?

Pisces: Change is sometimes exciting and sometimes scary. This is both. Be your own best friend, though, and admit this is what you need.