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We'll always have Paris: Rick comes face to face with Ilsa.
We'll always have Paris: Rick comes face to face with Ilsa.
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IT’S the classic story of sacrifice — letting go of love for a higher ideal.

Casablanca, the 1942 movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, was just one of many propaganda flicks produced by Hollywood to ensure the American public would back US involvement in the war in Europe.

Rick alone in his cafe.

Rick alone in his cafe.

Of course, the bombing of Pearl Harbour made this a redundant exercise, but what we were left with was a film of such passion that it has endured down the decades.

Now writer and director Morag Fullarton has revisited the story and put her own twist on this classic with Casablanca – The Gin Joint Cut.

But while the film boasted an all-star cast, including Conrad Veidt, Claude Rains, Peter Lorre, Paul Henreid and Sidney Greenstreet, the cast of The Gin Joint Cut has been reduced to three.

This, undoubtedly, will make for some quickfire costume changes as the performers — Gavin Mitchell, Claire Waugh and Jimmy Chisolm — try to cover each character.

Casablanca tells the story of Rick Blaine a cynical expat American running a bar in the north African city of the title.

One night his world is invaded by a ghost from the past — his one true love Ilsa.

She is married to an important figure in the European Resistance — Victor Laszlo — who is on the run from the Nazis.

Although technically still a neutral country, Morocco is also a haven for the German army who are welcomed by the capitulating Vichy government.

The Germans want to contain Laszlo while he is insistant that he escape to carry on his work.

Rick becomes a key figure in deciding the fate of the Resistance fighter.

But will his love for Ilsa colour his feelings over whether Laszlo goes free or is kept in Casablanca?

Fullarton’s vision is heading for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and this is your chance to see it before it hits the capital.

The run starts at the Tron on Tuesday, July 12 and goes until the Saturday.

Show times are 7.45pm with an added matinee on Saturday 2.30pm.

Ticket prices range from £11 to £15.

Check online for more details at or call 552 4267.