Wizards from Aus

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone! Or so the song goes.

It seems as though the world of music is either controlled by X Factor winners or tribute bands.

By and large, and as long as they are faithful to the original, no one minds tribute acts really.

The key word is tribute and not jumping-on-the-bandwagon.

One of the most successful post-Beatles bands Britain has ever produced is Pink Floyd.

The original band was born back in 1963 and became extremely influential in the art-rock scene.

This tribute band comes from down under and is called The Australian Pink Floyd Show.

It has sold more than 3 million tickets worldwide and the band have created an incredible show for this year’s Exposed in the Light dates.

Following the sold-out dates earlier this year, and taking its title from the lyrics of Pink Floyd classic track, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, the band are keeping quiet about the format of the Exposed in the Light tour — but the scale and ambition of the group is well documented.

n The Australian Pink Floyd Show is at the SECC Clyde Auditorium on February 27 and tickets are priced at £29.50.