Witness hypnotic Powers

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THE Ali G of stage hypnosis – it’s an odd title to boast.

Still, Peter Powers must be doing something right, as he’s been treading the Pavilion boards for over 20 years now.

The hip hypnotist has appeared in various television formats in the UK, Australia and the Netherlands — but for Peter, it’s all about a live audience.

His shows are tailored to suit different crowds for different nights too, and Friday and Saturday performances hawve long been split into three categories.

Friday night is Family Night — so feel free to bring the kids along. Saturday’s 7.30pm showing is Anything Goes — which, according to the Pavilion, makes it safe for teens (at their accompanying adult’s discretion).

A step further is the late show, Midnight Madness — and we’ll leave it to your imagination, dear reader (but suffice to say it’s strictly for over 18s).

As well as varying stunts according to the time slot (those of a nervous or shy disposition might be warned to sit further back at the late show), the ticket prices also change — but whether you’re taking along the little ones or indulging in a little adult fun, Peter Powers may be just the show to catch this weekend.

Peter Powers takes to the stage on Friday at 7.30pm and Saturday at 7.30pm and midnight.