Whole Lotta Shakin’

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PEOPLE will argue all the live-long day as to who were the best artists in rock ‘n’ roll, 50s America.

The most popular was, without doubt, Elvis Presley with his hip-shakin’ and writhing.

For others it’s Little Richard, or Bill Haley, or Gene Vincent, or...

Well the list goes on.

But, for many, the music of Jerry Lee Lewis set an audible backdrop for the craziness that was the 50s.

Now well into his 80s, we won’t be seeing the piano player any time soon.

However, the Ferry can maybe bring us the next best thing in the form of Peter Gill and his band.

They will be performing The Killer’s greatest hits including Great Balls of Fire, Breathless, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On, Chantilly Lace and many, many more.

The evening charts Lewis’s rise to fame in the 50s and touches on his fall from grace when it was discovered he had wed his 13-year-old cousin.

But Lewis bounced back from this, and the evening will reflect this and how the musician moved more into country music.

The Jerry Lee Lewis Story is on at the Ferry on Thursday, February 21 from 8pm.

Tickets cost £15 in advance and £17 on the door.