Way off the chart

Frost and Weston escape the Safe House.
Frost and Weston escape the Safe House.

Safe House (15)

Director: Daniel Espinosa

Starring: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleason and Robert Patrick.

DON’T you just loath those people whose expertise in a given field is “way off the chart”?

I mean, why don’t they restructure their charts, for crying out loud.

We wouldn’t put up with cars that travel at speeds of 80mph and have the speedometer only go as far as 60mph.

Anyway, rant over. Matt Weston (Reynolds) is a young CIA operative who’s frustrated at the lack of action offered in his current position of looking after a safe house in South Africa.

That is until the capture of rogue agent Tobin Frost (Washington).

Frost was one of the CIA’s best men, his aptitude was “way off the chart” (of course), until he seemingly decided to work for other governments and groups.

Frost is taken to Weston’s safe house where we see the unacceptable side of intelligence/counter-intelligence as the agents deploy water boarding as a way of retrieving information.

They are not making much headway — you see, his aptitude for resistance is “way off the chart” — when all the lights fail.

A gunfight ensues with unknown bad types assaulting the safe house.

During the confusion, Frost and Weston escape with the latter determined to keep hold of his detainee.

The rogue agent, however, manages to escape and the determined house sitter will not give up until he secures Frost — if for no other reason than the delivery of such a high-profile conquest will advance his career.

But questions remain unanswered with the main one being: “Who ratted them out and gave out the address of the safe house?”

If all this sounds achingly familiar, then don’t worry — there are not many original storylines circulating Hollywood and haven’t been for some time.

Washington is dependable, as ever, and no amount of tales of misdeed can ever make you think he’s the bad guy.

Also, Robert Patrick always gives good value for money, but is seriously underused.

Another actor high in my estimation is Brendan Gleeson who effortlessly entices you into the web of his part and makes you believe he is any character he assumes.

All in all not a bad way to spend your time, just not for those looking for a different experience.

Rating: 3/5