Waterboys back with live spirit

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FOLK, rock and literature meet at the Royal Concert Hall this week as The Waterboys return to the stage to showcase an album of a different kind.

The 80s rock band with a Celtic twist – who managed to straddle the precarious fence between critical credibility and chart success all those years ago – have returned to the limelight with a collection of songs featuring lyrics from the poetry of W.B Yeats.

An Appointment With Mr Yeats may sound incredibly highbrow, but the idea behind the music – written by lead singer Mike Scott – is to showcase the link between the band’s Irish roots and one of the country’s most accessible modern writers.

That’s one for the literary types then, but for Waterboys fans longing for the good old days, there’s hope yet.

The show is actually a case of two halves, with the promise of some vintage Waterboys tunes – and it’s safe to say that The Whole of the Moon and Fisherman’s Blues will feature at some point.

The band’s appearance also includes a new seven piece line-up, with — to name a few — fiddler Steve Wickham, Irish chanteuse Katie Kim and keyboardist James Hallawell.

It’s a gig for folk fans and literature enthusiasts alike — and a use for that school poetry you have in the back of your mind.

n An Appointment with The Waterboys is on at the Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday (April 3), from 8pm. Tickets £24.50-£26.50, available from 353 8000.