Ure up for it . . .

Midge Ure live on stage.
Midge Ure live on stage.

“Ahh, Viennaaaaaa” are two words that are instantly recognisable to a certain generation.

The moody, atmospheric hit song by Ultravox would have been the bands first number one had it not been for an American-born Australian kidding on he’s Italian, Joe Dolce with the less-than-humorous Shaddap You Face.

How Midge Ure must have growled and contorted his face over the past the past 31 years that the band’s signature tune should be pipped at the post by some whimsy of the British public.

However, Vienna has stood the test of time and Dolce’s only hit song now remains an embarrassment to those who bought it: shame on you!

Most people remember Ultravox with Midge Ure at the helm (long before he helped feed starving children in Africa), but before the Scot took up the vocals John Foxx lead the warbling with the band.

By the time Ure met up with Ultravox’s Billy Currie, while working on New Romantic album Visage with Steve Strange, the band were all but finished.

But, with Ure in the line-up, Ultravox were reborn as a synth-based, New Romantic band for the 80s.

They racked up hits with Vienna, All Stood Still, Reap the Wild Wind and Dancing With Tears in My Eyes and stood tall among bands such as Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and others of the New Romantic movement.

The band officially split in 1988 with members going off to concentrate on ndividual projects.

However, some 20 years later what is known as the classic line-up of the band reformed and are back together.

They have a new album coming out, Brilliant, to pacify the fans.

Midge Ure said: “It’s always such an important part for us, the presentation of a live show, building the environment to play music in.

“We want to make our take on it as individual and memorable as possible, so that when you walk out of the venue and put the record on in six months time it takes right back to the moment when you saw it live on the stage”.

The tour will have new tracks from the forthcoming album working alongside classics from the 80s.

Midge continued: “We’re cherry picking what will work in the context of a set.

“There’ll be a good element of the Brilliant album played live and we’re really looking forward to taking these songs out on the road”.

Ultravox are playing the SECC on Sunday, October 7 and tickets are priced at £32.50.