To the de’il with ye

Isabella tends to her mother, Maria.
Isabella tends to her mother, Maria.

The Devil Inside (15)

Director: William Brent Bell.

Left to right: Simon Quarterman plays Father Ben Rawlings and Evan Helmuth plays Father David Keane.

Left to right: Simon Quarterman plays Father Ben Rawlings and Evan Helmuth plays Father David Keane.

Starring: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman. Evan Helmuth, Ionut Grama and Suzan Crowley.

Running time: 1hr 23mins.

THE Blair Witch Project has a lot to answer for and at some point the makers must issue an apology to the cinema-going public.

Don’t get me wrong, I found Blair Witch an incredible piece of exciting film making and marketing.

Made on a shoestring budget, the makers relied on internet whispers (initiated by themselves) about it being a documentary to generate interest in the product.

It was a big hit by the time it was actually put on in a cinema.

But it did generate too many clones to the point of boredom.

We’ve had Cloverfield, [Rec] (both of them) and more Paranormal Activities than you could feasibly shake a rod at.

What made Blair Witch so good was that there was enough doubt generated to make some people think it was actual footage and that the trio had disappeared.

The Devil Inside is filmed as a sort of mockumentary which follows the (mis)fortunes of Isabella Rossi who travels to Rome and attends Vatican seminars on exorcism because some years before her mother, Maria, was the subject of one that went horribly wrong resulting in the deaths of three of her congregation.

Now confined to a mental institution, Maria is not getting any better and her daughter is arguing the case for a further exorcism.

Isabella has no luck going through the usual channels, but she does find two priests who, for want of a better phrase, are rogue and carry out exorcisms not sanctioned by the church.

Father Ben Rawlings and Father David Keane visit the troubled mother and, although satisfied that she is possessed, argue whether or not to continue.

Spurred on by a desperate Isabella, they agree to challenge whatever is inside Maria.

The Devil Inside is not necessarily a bad movie — the actors are committed to their roles and perform well.

But it’s difficult to shake off the feeling that this particular road has been too well travelled and perhaps the film would have benefited from a straightforward approach without kidding on this had actually happened.

Rating: 3/5