This week we’re delving into the 1920s picture archives

Barrhead Rd,  Pollokshaws
Barrhead Rd, Pollokshaws

This fine old tenement of four closes is in what was at this time Barrhead Road.

Beyond is the bowling green, with its tall white flag pole standing out against Pollok Academy.

On the left, along the foot of the embankment, two villas and other dwellings and business premises occupied the narrow strip of land between the railway station and Cunningham’s Garage at Pollokshaws West.

Attached to the garage there was a building with two houses, next to which was the first Eastwood Parish church hall.

When the new hall was built next to the church in Mansewood Road around 1935, the old one was later occupied by walker’s ham curing business, where they remained until the mid 1960’s.

They then had to move to a smaller building in Shawbridge Street where today a children’s nursery stands on the site.

Before they were laid underground, roadside poles carried the telephone wire.

Standard round-dash tram number 406 is bound for Springburn.

Note the pony with the light cart parked partly on the pavement clear of the tram line, while the driver makes a delivery.