There’s (a kind of) method in their madness

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Being moved to tears one minute and paroxysms of laughter the next can leave you an emotional wreck.

But that’s what awaits the audience at the Citizens as the famous theatre puts on a production of Takin’ Over The Asylum.

This brand new stage play is based on the classic BBC series from the 90s.

Ready Eddie McKenna tries to escape the humdrum of his life as a double-glazing salesman by going to work on a hospital radio station.

The show is based in the psychiatric unit and Eddie gets to know some of the inmates.

First up is the irrepressible Campbell who has his dream and nothing, certainly not reality, is going to stop him.

Then there’s the mildly obsessed Rosalie who sees germs everywhere.

Fergus is a tech genius, but his voices keep telling him he’s useless. Finally, there’s Francine who is on course to self-destruction.

n The play runs from February 14 until March 9. To find out more, visit